Our Story 

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Gluten Free

Curly Cow is a small business that was set up by me, a full time mum of two. Ever since my daughter was diagnosed as a coeliac, we have been trying to find ways to ensure that she does not miss out on the little treats in life! 


Here at Curly Cow HQ, all of our sweets are gluten free and are prepared in a completely gluten free environment. This means that they are safe for coeliacs.


Our sweets are not only delicious but we are also looking after the environment. We use fully compostable pouches that will biodegrade in just 10 weeks! In addition, all of our other packaging is fully recyclable.


We always love to hear your reviews and requests. 


Enjoy! Love from Sarah

All our sweets are gluten free so they are suitable for coeliacs. They are stored and prepared in a completely gluten  free environment.