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Maria - I’ve ordered so many sweets. I actually have to hide them from myself to stop me eating them all at once. (March 2021)

Rebecca - Best gluten free pick and mix gummies. Fabulous flavours and choice. My husband loves them (February 2021)

Jennifer - Well what a discovery! I’ve looked over many sweet companies and some only had the choice of a few gluten free options then you have to worry about cross contamination and whether the company fully understand what it’s like being a coeliac so I’ve never shopped with anyone until now... Curly Cow is amazing! I had absolutely no concerns whatsoever as everything is gluten free and they have the understanding of being coeliac so you know the utmost care will go into it. To be able to pick and mix your own sweets is something I haven’t been able to do for such a long time, and not only that I asked for a couple of sweets out of the fizzy mix not to be added and as asked they weren’t! Super fast packing and the delivery, even at 2nd class, order was with me in two days! Only problem now is stopping myself eating 1kg in one go Thank you Curly Cow (February 2021)

Hazel - I ordered a couple of bags of sweets to be sent as a gift for my nieces, they arrived very quickly and they were thrilled. Thank you. (January 2021)

Amy - Lovely sweet treat and so reassuring knowing it’s all gluten free (January 2021)

Christina - Oh my....where should I start? I made the big mistake of ordering The Gummy Mix and the Mallow poles from Curly Cow. You are probably wondering why it was a 'bit mistake', well.... it was because now I am TOTALLY ADDICTED!!! Since being diagnosed as coeliac almost a year ago I had not felt very safe eating sweets, and the ones I buy from the shop are meh! Let me tell you, Curly Cow sweets are the best sweets I have ever had! even when I was eating normal sweets, nothing can compare to these bites of deliciousness. They are full of flavour and are just absolutely yumyumyummm!!!! Definitely recommend and I am 100% ordering again!!!! Another plus: Super quick delivery! Thank you so much! (January 2021) 

Stacey - I was so excited to receive my 1kg of sweets and I was not disappointed. They arrived quickly and they’re all delicious! Just got to try and not eat them all in one night! Highly recommend! (January 2021)

Lisa - I ordered some lovely sweets to go direct to my grandchildren as I cannot see them at the moment. They love them. Especially the marshmallows! thank you (January 2021)

Steph - Gorgeous sweets! My coeliac daughter loved the cracker that the elves left her on Christmas Eve, as did her non-gf brother. (December 2020)

Laura - I’ve had a pack of the fizzy mix for Christmas and they are really amazing and are going to last a good while. Thank you very much. X (December 2020)

Diane - Another fabulous delivery from Curly Cow! So much more enjoyable knowing everything is coeliac safe. Thanks again x (December 2020)

Lesley - These sweets are divine. Great that they are all gluten free too (December 2020)

Krissy - Happy childhood memories of going to whipsnade zoo and having an amazing day followed by taking on the pick a mix at the gift shop... these sweets remind me of just that, they're amazing! I currently live in Germany, and I was so determined to get my grubby paws on these sweets I got them delivered to my mum who then paid a small fortune to send them on to me in Germany... totally worth it, thanks curly cow for a little bit of childhood joy in these challenging times! and yes, my mum is awesome (November 2020)

Amanda - Perfectly awesome! Amazing sweets, great prices, lots of choice and arrived quickly, thank you soo much Xx (November 2020)

Michelle - Ordered some Christmas treats and the delivery was really fast. The packaging they have come in is really cute. Haven’t opened yet as I’m saving until closer to the festive period but I’m very impressed with what has arrived. Thank you! (November 2020)

Naomi - I ordered the double Halloween mix and some Christmas treats for my 6 year old who has Coeliac disease. It was so nice for her to be able to have ‘pick & mix’ again and at a very reasonable price (the pouches are huge!). Also fantastic service and fast delivery. I would highly recommend Curly Cow and we will definitely become regular customers (November 2020)

Phil - Sensational is the first word that comes to mind. Being a new coeliac at 27 trying to adjust my diet has been far from easy. I placed my first order with Curly Cow to be far from disappointed. The sweets themselves taste so good to be true to be gluten free and the delivery was fast and efficient. So delicious I can see myself becoming a regular customer. 5 Star (November 2020)

Kelly  - My daughter was absolutely over the moon with her GF sweets. Thank you ! Xx (November 2020)

Joanna - Great tasting sweets, super speedy dispatch and fantastic customer service. Thank you so much! X (November 2020)

Lauren - Ordered 2 pick n mix's for my girls (eldest is coeliac) and they both loved them. Great mixture of different sweets and taste great. Will definitely be ordering again. Thank you (October 2020)

Vickie - My boys just opened their bags and are delighted. Especially my wee one who has intolerances and normally cant eat a lot of what he gets at Halloween. But because you list all the ingredients and have an option on some bags to choose the sweets you want, I was able to get him loads of safe sweeties and he got the same as his brother. Thank you so much! (October 2020)

Chloe - Ordered my sweets Tuesday evening and they have arrived super quickly this morning! Its my first order and will certainly be ordering again just by seeing how full the pouches are and the fun sweets inside, the Halloween pouches are amazing! Thank you, such a treat knowing these are coeliac friendly as I am obsessed with pick and mix (October 2020)

Heather - I’m absolutely addicted!!! Fabulous sweets and great service. My requests are never a problem and I would recommend to anyone- not just for the GF gang!!! Thank you October 2020)

Karen - My daughters loved the Pick & Mix! Great selection of sweets, can highly recommend, we will most definitely be ordering again! (October 2020)

Blayney - The best gluten free pick and mix that you will find! So much choice and amazing quality! (October 2020)

Emmanuelle - lovely mix of sweets....the only down side is that you can't put the pack down and then end up re ordering because you finished what you were suppose to save for Halloween. (October 2020)

Sophie - Amazing tasty sweets. I've avoided pick n mix since being gluten free because of shared utensils and the worry of cross-contamination. It's nice to know these are perfectly safe and very tasty. Would definitely recommend.  (September 2020)

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Kerrie - Amazing sweets and lovely mixes definitely recommend, Thankyou! (September 2020)

Emma-Claire - Absolutely loved my bag of mixed sweets. So great to have a business that understands allergies and coeliac disease.

Totally going to order one of the Halloween bags. (September 2020)

Hollie - Awesome selection, order double what you need if like me you can't share sweets ha ha! Thanks so much for safe sweets xx (September 2020)

Heather - Amazing gluten free sweets for a Friday night treat! So easy to order and arrived quickly. Thank you Curly Cow! (September 2020)


Steph - absolutely made up with our delivery! all the sweets look so yummy we can't wait to try them. brilliant service to xx (September 2020)

Jessica - Very easy to use website with clear delivery instructions, clear information about everything being coeliac friendly and no cross contamination, amazing range of choice to pick from, fair prices so glad I found curly cow very happy with everything thank you (September 2020)

Liz - This business is a coeliacs dream. You’ve made a family with 3 coeliacs very happy and the sweets are heavenly! Excellent quality and service (September 2020)

Vicki - My 4 year old son pic n mix, he is over the moon, excellent services. Friendly. I highly recommended. Thank you (August 2020)

Carolyn - SO pleased with my sweets! what a selection AND gluten free! Thank you! (August 2020)

Clare - Literally the most delicious sweets I've ever ever had! A pure bonus that they are all gluten free! The giant cola cherry bottles are my absolute fave (August 2020)

Emma - Thanks to curly cow my coeliac son (5 Today) was able to enjoy pick n mix along with his cousins without the worry of any cross contamination. Would highly recommend, thank you (August 202)

Kay - Best sweets I’ve had since being diagnosed coeliac, fast delivery, the strawberry and cream mix was my favourite, they are that nice I’ve placed my second order already (August 2020)

Lara - Excellent pick and mix and all coeliac safe! Very happy and highly recommend (August 2020)

Kayley - Amazingly quick service and absolutely delicious sweeties that are hassle-free (no worries about checking the ingredients!) The packaging is great too as resealable! I've just ordered my second lot (x2 1kg bags), we'll see if these last longer than a few days like the last ones xx (August 2020)

Nicola - Got my first order today. I chose 1kg pick your own bag and 500g anything goes mix. Wow I am impressed!!! I have been coeliac for 7 years now and this is my FIRST EVER pic n mix, amazing to buy from somewhere you know that is safe and everything is gluten free. (August 2020)

Jessica - These sweets are amazing! Thank you Curly Cow, I will definitely be ordering again! X (August 2020)

Sarah - My first delivery arrived today. I ordered from Curly Cow as I have started reacting badly to Candy Kittens. The sweets are delicious and really good value for money. I’ll definitely be ordering again. (August 2020)

Andrea - Ordered 3 bags of 500g anything bag goes pick a mix. Our son is diagnosed coeliac and so the kids have missed having a pick and mix since due to the cross contamination. I ordered with plenty of noticed but didn’t need to as I was surprised when they turned up a couple of days later. I had bought for our holiday and surprised them with them when we got here. They were over the moon and have spent all weekend munching away on their own bags! We will be back! Birthdays, Xmas, holidays and anything else I can find an excuse for! Thank you for bringing pick and mix back to our house! Xx (August 2020)

Hazel - I received my 1kg pick your own sweets yesterday and I am so happy with them. You can tell they are fresh and it was so nice not to have to worry about ingredients being a coeliac its very annoying. 100% will be ordering again and just wanna say thank you so much they are amazing! (August 2020)

Pippa - Amazing Gluten free sweets. The smell when I opened the bag I didn’t manage to get a picture before the kids attacked can’t wait for my next delivery! Thank you curly cow xx (August 2020)

Louisa - Day made by a delicious delivery today... my first pick and mix since coeliac diagnosis! Delicious sweets, quick service and good choice. My gluten eating partner loves his too! We'll definitely be ordering again in future. (August 2020)

Chrissie - The selection is really good as is their customer service! As a coeliac, it's great to be able to have anything (and everything) they offer! Fast delivery too. I just have to hide the sweets from the 7yo (August 2020)

Anna - It’s great to have such a choice of gluten free sweets and to be able to create your own mix. The pick your own is a hit with my children and I’m really enjoying the mix of sweets in the fizzy mix too. I’m sure I’ll be ordering again soon! (July 2020)

Shauna - Fantastic selection of coeliac safe gluten free sweets, delivered very quickly. Very happy son today, he’s delighted with his order, and will be ordering again soon, I’m sure! Thanks Curly Cow!  (July 2020)

Tiffany - Lovely gluten free sweets! I received my 500g of pick n mix today and I have devoured most of them already. Such a great selection and wonderful as a coeliac to be able to order safe pick n mix Thankyou (July 2020)

Matt - Fantastic gluten free sweets! Environmentally friendly packaging too & speedy delivery! Superb service & would order again for sure. (July 2020)

Laura - Amazing sweets, great packaging, great customer service and delivery. Will defo buy again!! Best part, all gluten free!! (July 2020)


Deni - The gummy mix is amazing. So good I am going to have to order more (July 2020)

Julie - Excellent service my gluten free sweets arrived today can’t wait to dig in , I will need to take my doors off when I’ve eaten them all , great service, great sweets will definitely recommend. (July 2020)

Joanne - Thankyou for the sweets I have ordered they are lovely my daughter is so pleased with her gluten free / dairy free mix. (July 2020)

Aimee - These sweets are amazing! As a coeliac it’s difficult to trust companies with your health, but I 100% trust curly cow, will recommend them and continue using them in the future!! Thankyou!!! (July 2020)

Leigh - Fabulous gluten free selection, safely prepped with eco friendly packaging. What’s not to like?! Will Defo order again x (July 2020)

Nicky - Received my gluten free pick n mix today and struggling to not eat the sweets all in one go. Easy ordering process, quick delivery and good packaging. Will be ordering again. Thank you. (July 2020)

Michelle - Delicious sweets, now I don’t have to miss out on yummy treats as these are gluten free! Oh and my son loves them too. Thank you! (July 2020)